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With teams at Volta ao Algarve, Ruta del Sol, and later this week also at the UAE Tour, our road season is in full swing. But with several riders injured or ill, it’s virtually impossible to have complete lineups for each race. Here’s an overview of our cyclists who are not eligible for competition mid-February.


Sjoerd Bax:

Sjoerd is currently dealing with a knee injury (tendinopathy). He has a consultation with Dr. Claes in Herentals tomorrow, after which we’ll be able to provide more information on his condition.


Lionel Taminiaux:

He’s had surgery for his collarbone fracture in AZ Herentals and is currently recovering at home. After some rest, he should be able to resume training sessions on the rollers in the course of next week.


Eddie Anderson:

Eddie is recovering from gastroenteritis. He’s feeling better and has started training again, albeit not yet at full intensity. Jay Vine, who was struck with the same virus in Antalya, has resumed racing at the Volta ao Algarve.


Alex Bogna:

Alex arrived at the January training camp with knee pain that proved to be the consequence of some existent disbalances. He came to Belgium to find the appropriate measures and solutions. He has been training indoors with a physiotherapist to strengthen his body and to adapt his position on the bike. For two weeks now he is pain-free, and he resumed training outdoors on his bike. We are optimistic about his RTC.


Silvan Dillier:

Silvan suffered from a fracture of the pelvis and a contusion of the hip after a crash in January. After immobilization he started his rehabilitation, including riding on the rollers. Since a few days he resumed training on the road and the recovery is proceeding progressively well. We are optimistic about his recovery and his RTC.


Alexander Krieger:

Alexander is one of a handful of riders in the team who was diagnosed with COVID-19 recently. He has been dealing with the infection for a few weeks now. Luckily, his condition is improving each day and he’s “eager to come back as fast as possible.”


Mathieu van der Poel:

Mathieu is currently in Spain, recovering from his back injury.


David van der Poel:

David is recovering from a (lower) back injury. He was advised to rest until the pain improves.