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DeltaG ketones, a puzzle piece in our success

Summer is around the corner. An important period in cycling with the Tour de France and the Olympics coming up soon. One of the pieces of the puzzle in our rush to success are deltaG ketones.

Studies in combination with the experiences of our riders often show the following benefits of deltaG ketones: increased alertness after long efforts, better sleep, better appetite control, in short, overall better recovery.

"From our performance point of view, we believe that the deltaG ketones help our riders in both performance and recovery," says Kristof De Kegel, head of performance within Alpecin-Deceuninck. "But as with all innovations, there are of course pros and cons. Their use must be well-thought-out. Specifically, we have to think intelligently about who uses it and in what type of race."

"Absolutely right," confirms doctor Peter Lagrou, head of our medical team. "We support the use of ketones in the right way. For example, during prolonged efforts, ketones can be a source of energy for the brain, helping to maintain mental clarity and cognitive abilities and thus working preventively against crashes." De Kegel gives the classic Milan-San Remo as an example. "A quiet and very long race, with an intense finale. In that case, ketones can offer added value."

The use of deltaG ketones is also interesting during the grand tours. "They help in faster recovery and hence reduce the vulnerable interval for health risks and vulnerability to overuse injuries," says Peter Lagrou. "We also see that ketones reduce insulin resistance hence give more stable levels of blood glucose during sleep, and hence a better quality of sleep and thus give a contribution to a better recovery."