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Foodmaker launches nutrition app together with cycling teams Alpecin-Deceuninck and Fenix-Deceuninck

24. January 2023 - Foodmaker has been active in bringing more experience to its brand in recent months. The healthy restaurant chain and ultra-fresh meal producer wants to become even more of a 'best friend' to its consumers and partners. Today Foodmaker is launching a mobile food app with the cycling teams Alpecin-Deceuninck and Fenix-Deceuninck. Together with the performance team of these teams, Foodmaker has developed the Foodmaker Pro app, which helps top athletes with nutrition in connection with training. Recreational athletes and non-athletes who want to eat healthily can download the basic version of the Foodmaker app as a health and nutrition coach.

Foodmaker and Alpecin-Deceuninck x Fenix-Deceuninck
Foodmaker is no stranger to cycling. The healthy restaurant chain has been a sponsor and partner of Alpecin-Deceuninck/Fenix-Deceuninck for several years and provides riders with ultra-fresh meals and nutrition tips.

Kristof De Kegel, Alpecin-Deceuninck Performance Manager: "The app determines daily how much fluid, carbohydrates, protein and fat the rider should consume, based on the planned training sessions. These amounts are spread over several meal moments so the rider can perform optimally. An algorithm from our performance team determines the number of moments. Riders can enter personal and specific data into the app, and the calculation model gives comprehensive advice. In this way, the riders and the performance team always have an overview of the recorded nutrition and the training sessions. A fundamental basis on which we design the sporting and individual support for the riders."

Lieven Vanlommel, founder and CEO of Foodmaker: "The planned training sessions via 'Trainingpeaks' are the basis for the nutritional advice. Based on their training plan, riders can order adapted food for the whole week and have it delivered to their home. The nutrition tips are based on Foodmaker dishes and general recipes. The app considers the rider's fluid loss and weather forecasts affecting energy consumption. The rider also receives advice in the app if he or she hasn't eaten enough the day before to optimally compensate for these deficits."

Versatile app
The Foodmaker Pro app was primarily developed for top athletes but can be used by anyone thanks to its basic version. Even for recreational athletes and non-athletes who want to live healthier, the Foodmaker app can serve as a health and nutrition coach. In addition to nutritional advice, the app offers a web shop (with Foodmaker dishes and FDMKR clothing), the Foodmaker Club and numerous promotions such as the "dish of the month" or competitions for tickets to the hottest events.

Download the app here in the App Store and Play Store.

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