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Alpecin-Deceuninck announces 2024 WorldTeam squad

The road season is still not quite over, but behind the scenes our management already has been working hard on 2024. Alpecin-Deceuninck meanwhile has its entire core of 30 riders to start its second year as a WorldTeam.

No shocking changes as far as that core of riders is concerned. Not illogical after a very successful year and especially since all our leaders are still under contract. Of course, we remain confident about them.

With Timo Kielich, U23 world champion Axel Laurance, Henri Uhlig and 2022 Zwift Academy winner Luca Vergallito, four talents from our development team will be transferred to the WorldTour team. Guys who proved over the past year to be ready for the switch.

Stan Van Tricht, Lars Boven and Juri Hollmann, our thirty-strong squad are the only really new names. "Guys who can add value to the further development of the team. We are sure it results in a very balanced squad with which we can confidently start 2024. It will be a year in which we will try to do as good as last year. A difficult but at the same time challenging goal."

Our 30 riders:

  • Ballerstedt Maurice (Germany, 22)
  • Bayer Tobias (Austria, 23)
  • Boven Lars (Netherlands, 22)
  • Conci Nicola (Italy, 26)
  • Dillier Silvan (Switzerland, 33)
  • Gaze Sam (New Zealand, 27)
  • Ghys Robbe (Belgium, 26)
  • Gogl Michael (Austria, 29)
  • Groves Kaden (Australia, 24)
  • Hermans Quinten (Belgium, 28)
  • Hollmann Juri (Germany, 24)
  • Janssens Jimmy (Belgium, 34)
  • Kielich Timo (Belgium, 24)
  • Kragh Andersen Søren (Denmark, 29)
  • Laurance Axel (France, 22)
  • Leysen Senne (Belgium, 27)
  • Meurisse Xandro (Belgium, 31)
  • Osborne Jason (Germany, 29)
  • Philipsen Jasper (Belgium, 25)
  • Planckaert Edward (Belgium, 28)
  • Plowright Jensen (Australia, 23)
  • Rickaert Jonas (Belgium, 29)
  • Riesebeek Oscar (Netherlands, 30)
  • Sinkeldam Ramon (Netherlands, 34)
  • Uhlig Henri (Germany, 22)
  • Van der Poel Mathieu (Netherlands, 28)
  • Van Tricht Stan (Belgium, 24)
  • Vandenbossche Fabio (Belgium, 23)
  • Vergallito Luca (Italy, 26)
  • Vermeersch Gianni (Belgium, 30)